The following represents an essential element to an effective quality council:

*consultation of the legal advisor.
*direction from the organization’s quality department.
*participation of the strategic planning committee.
*involvement of leadership.

Question 6 in healthcare quality MCQs

Correct Answer is involvement of leadership.

A legal advisor is not commonly an assigned member of a quality council.

The quality department may provide input to a quality council, but not necessarily committed to direction.

A strategic planning committee is not commonly a component of a quality council.

Leadership involvement promotes an effective quality council through resource and support allocation to achieve objectives. Effective leaders are thoroughly knowledgeable about the work being done and understand the environment and complexities with which their workers must contend. Leaders create the opportunity for workers to suggest improvements and act quickly to make needed changes in production process. Leaders are concerned with success as much as with failure and focus not only on understanding substandard, but also super-standard performance. The effective leader also creates opportunities for below and above average performers to interact and identify venues for improvement. The quality council is typically charged with the responsibility for designing the overall strategy for quality planning, control and improvement. Senior leadership involvement is a must since QI activities are as important as other management tasks (e.g., budgeting, HR management, purchasing and training), and leaders can integrate QI into every aspects of system operations.

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