One Of the following structures, which do not respond to β-adrenergic receptor stimulation?

a) Atrioventricular (AV) node

b) Bronchial muscle

c) Smooth muscles of blood vessels

d) Radial muscle of the iris

e) Sinoatrial (SA) node

Answer: d) Radial muscle of the iris

The activation of muscarinic receptors in bronchiolar smooth muscle is associated with

a) Activation of adenylyl cyclase

b) Decrease in CAMP formation mediated by G-proteins

c) Increase in IP3 and DAG

d) Inhibition of protein kinase C

e) Opening of Na/K cation channels

Answer: c) Increase in IP3 and DAG

A patient requires mild cholinomimetic stimulation following surgery .physostigmine and bethanechol in small doses have significantly different effects on which one of the following?

a) Gastric secretion

b) Neuromuscular junction

c) Salivary glands

d) Sweat glands

e) Ureteral tone

Answer: b) Neuromuscular junction

Mechanism of action of Metformin?

A. Insulin secretagogue 

B. Insulin sensitiser 

C. Delay digestion of carbohydrates 

D. Inactivate incretin hormones

Answer: B. Insulin sensitiser 

Which one of the following statements about the use of the Metformin is wrong?

A. Decrease gluconeogenesis

B. Effective in polycystic ovary disease 

C. Cause hypoglycaemia when used alone

D. Reduce hyperlipidemia

Answer: C. Cause hypoglycemia when used alone 

Following drug has a least duration of action as compared to others?

A. Metformin 

B. Rosiglitazon

C. Pioglitazone

D. Glipizide

E. Glyburide

Answer: A. Metformin Metformin has a 06 hour duration of action.

Following drugs blocks the GP IIB/IIIA receptor of platelets?

A. Abciximab

B. Eptifibatide

C. Tirofiban

D. A & B

E. All of these 

Answer: E. All of these 

GP IIb/IIa receptors are present on?

A. Erythrocytes 

B. Platelets

C. Leukocytes 

D. Neutrocytes

E. All of the above 

Answer: Platelets

A drug that Blocks the glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa receptors?

A. Eptifibatide

B. Abciximab

C. Dipyridamole 

D. A & B

E. All of these 

Answer: D. A & B

Normally, Gastric acid secretion is inhibited by?

A. PGE2 




Answer: B. PGI2 

Stimulates synthesis of protective mucus’s in stomach and small intestine?

A. PGE2 

B. PGF2 

C. PGI2 

D. A & B

E. All of these 

Answer: D. A & B

Decreased secretion of prostaglandins collectively causes?

A. High gastric acid secretion 

B. Low protective mucus synthesis 

C. Retention of sodium and water 

D. Hyperkalemia

E. A, B & C

F. All of these 

Answer: All of these