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1. For a community hospital, patient satisfaction scores demonstrate multiple areas needed for improvement including a need to improve attractiveness of the facility, responsiveness to patient needs, and physician and nursing communication. Based on these results, which of the following would the healthcare quality professional also will be expected to find?


Detailed answer for question 7 of the healthcare quality quiz.

Correct answer is A

A. Responsiveness to patient needs requires effective communication between multiple units as well as staff. Barriers between organizations or between departments within one organization are obstacles to effective QI. Inter-department or intra-organizational friction or lack of cooperation often result in waste, errors, delay, and unnecessary duplication of effort. A continuous and lasting QI program requires teamwork that crosses traditional organizational lines. QI requires that all workforce members, departments, and units share a unified purpose, direction, and commitment to improve the organization. Intra-organizational pathways are developed and cultivated as mechanisms by which to improve performance.

B. Based on the information provided, leadership may not have prioritized these issues to achieve organizational goals.

C. There is not enough information provided to determine if managers are discussing patient satisfaction scores. In an environment with an ongoing interdepartmental communication, one would expect leaders to continually discuss patient satisfaction scores to achieve consensus on how to improve quality.

D. Employee satisfaction does not necessarily correlate with these patient satisfaction scores. Alternatively, a team effort should be marshaled to increase quality, which will lead to increased profits/savings that can then be translated to, for example, higher salaries or better benefits. Improvement efforts should emphasize improving processes; the outcome numbers will change as a consequences.

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