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Multiple Choice Questions in Healthcare Quality

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1. Which of the following is a nominal variable?

2. If you were comparing two treatments for which it is easy to arrive at evaluations of both their costs and consequences in monetary terms. Which method of economic evaluation would be best for comparing them?

3. Dental department's monthly case review revealed 240 records meeting criteria and 150 records did not meet the criteria. In calculating the incidence rate, the denominator is:

4. The dimension of quality performance that is dependent upon evaluation by the recipients and/or observes of care is

5. Goals of public reporting on healthcare quality does not include

6. (FOCUS) performance improvement model is

7. Performance improvement activities should not consider

8. A Quality Council has decided that a Patient Safety Committee needs to be established to oversee the patient safety program. The Quality Council has asked this committee to prepare a patient Safety Plan that would guide the program. A key factor that needs to be considered for the long-term success of the patient safety program is to

9. A quality council has apponted a performance improvement team to reduce medication errors. The team has been meeting for several months and progress has been very slow. Which of the following is the most important factor for the quality council to assess with the team leader?

10. The overall coordinator responsible for the strategic planning process is

11. The practice of setting operating targets for a particular function by selecting the top performance levels, either within or outside an organization is known as

12. An insurance company has contracts with two hospitals. Hospital A is a 240-bed community facility and Hospital B is a 920-bed tertiary care center. It was noted that costs were less at the tertiary care center. From a financial standpoint, the best option for the private insurer is to

13. The concept of "medical home" in managed care is

14. Next to implementing a new plan, a healthcare quality officer is recommended to

15. Baldrige Award's guidelines are not used to

16. What sampling technique involves selecting the medical record of every fifth patient undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) ?

17. Summary statistical reports of quality data

18. When designing the content of a survey obefore implementing a future program, one should consider

19. An outpatient care setting QM/QI program that focuses on the "outcomes" as a measure of treatment effectiveness is difficult to establish because

20. A team approach to assist in problem solving is most useful when:

21. Records show that one surgeon's wound infection rate is 28%. Further examination of which of the following data will provide the most useful information in determining the cause of this surgeon's infection rate?

22. Which of the following are measures of central tendency?

23. The following criteria of a job description should be used to evaluate an employee performance:

24. Re-engineering can most appropriately be viewed as:

25. A case management department regularly monitors the number of inappropriate referrals, the timelines of discharge planning, and the number of days of discharge delays. What additional monitor should be added to evaluate the appropriateness of case management interventions?


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