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1. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is performed:


Detailed answer for question 10 of the healthcare quality quiz.

Correct answer is A

A. Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) is an ongoing prospective quality improvement process that is carried out in healthcare organization by a multidisciplinary team. FMEA is a proactive process that acknowledges that errors are inevitable and predictable. It anticipates errors and designs a system that will minimize their impact. FMEA might reveal that an error is tolerable or that the error will be intercepted by the system of checks and balances that is part of a health system. In other cases, FMEA reveals that specific steps must be put in place to address potential errors with significant impact or that are intolerable.

B. The FMEA process is performed before an incident occurs.

C. The FMEA process examines severity, but before an incident or a death occurs. Although FMEA is now a requirement under the JCAHO Patient Safety Standards (LD.5.2), modified processes and creative methods can and should be used to regularly examine potentially dangerous processes and medical product use including drugs and devices. For example, adverse events reported to both the USP-ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program and the JCAHO Sentinel Event Reporting Program routinely describe patient safety issues with information about the failure modes and root causes that led to these events.

D. The FMEA process examines the likelihood of occurrence, but before an incident occurs.

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