21 05, 2021

Is Enteral Feeding Safe?

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While both are used during the initial phase of lactation, with breast-fed babies beginning their gastrointestinal tract on a full stomach, there are important differences in calorie needs and nutritional requirements between the two.

3 05, 2021


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During a barroom fight, a 24-year-old man is hit with a bottle on  the lateral aspect of the lower leg. The man receives a deep laceration   about halfway down his lower leg, in the vicinity of the fibula.    Following the injury, he loses sensation over most of the dorsum    of the foot. Which of the following muscles is also innervated by     the nerve that was likely damaged?

3 05, 2021


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A Guatemalan child with a history of meconium ileus is brought to a  clinic because of a chronic cough. The mother notes a history of   respiratory tract infections and bulky, foul-smelling stools.    After assessment of the respiratory tract illness, the physician    should also look for signs of

2 05, 2021


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A 4-year-old boy presents to the emergency room with muscle spasms. His  past medical history is significant for recurrent infections and neonatal   seizures. Evaluation of his serum electrolytes reveals hypocalcemia.    This patient would be most susceptible to which of the following     diseases?

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