Can university screw all our dorm windows shut?

Can University Screw All Our Dorm Windows Shut

Posted by u/ironwolf6464 on Reddit

The university has recently enforced a new rule that would screw all the dorm windows shut. This has caused a lot of controversy among students, with some for and some against the decision.

The mentioned argument was Posted by u/ironwolf6464 on reddit.

The pros and cons of screwing dorm windows shut

The main arguments for the proposal are that it would increase security on campus, and that it would be more energy efficient. However, there are also a number of arguments against the proposal. These include the fact that it would make it harder to get fresh air in the dorms, and that it would make it more difficult to evacuate in case of an emergency.


Ironwolf6464 then posted another follow-up;

ood, my city’s marshal has an active email.

Update: Hijacking my top comment, I removed a screw and to my surprise, it is metal, not plastic like some comments said it would need to be legally. Here is a dime for comparison, this thing would have a hard time coming out in case of emergency.

I decided to stroll around the complex and saw that every room I saw had an identical sticker in the window. Seems very much worth investigating and contacting authorities.

Update 2: Tried calling the local fire department’s nonemergency lines, got nothing, so I will keep it up tomorrow. Scrolling through forums for the university and I saw that the screws are installed to compensate for the lack of screens to prevent…well, easy ways out, according to ex-housing staff. So that theory seems close to proven.

PS: For all of you saying “Just open it.” Note that there is a large grey screw put through the latch assembly to break it, it is not like I can just open the window.